MCE South Europe 2018, Thessaloniki is gearing up for the Event of the Year!

MCE South Europe 2018, Thessaloniki is gearing up for the Event of the Year!

With still few places left to participate, Europe Congress, the organizers of the unique MICE B2B
forum MCE South Europe, is getting ready to deliver what is to be the highlight of 2018.
Leading corporate, agency and association event planners are making its way to the co-capital of
Greece. There under the view of the house of gods, Mount Olympus, these European, Asian and
American hosted buyers are meeting up face to face with destinations and suppliers making its way
to Greece’s culinary paradise, Thessaloniki.

Europe Congress assures the pre-scheduled, and most important, match-made meeting’s agenda
thatall participants receive during the forum. The concept assures that everyone walks away with
having met exactly the people they wanted to meet with for any upcoming business venture.
The forum program however consists of so much more: Speed presentations by participating
destinations highlighting USP’s to never forget, keynotes by Meetology Lab expert Jonathan
Bradshaw, luncheons, coffee breaks and of course an amazing evening program.

All of the day program including the Sunday welcome cocktail reception are taking place at the
luxurious Makedonia Palace, the flagship hotel of Thessaloniki, where also all participants stay. The
recently renovated and re-styled property offers large and amazing guest rooms, marvellous sea
views and of course meeting facilities that any planner would look for when organizing their events.
The Thessaloniki Convention Bureau is sponsoring both the Sunday and Monday evening programs.
Both containing local entertainment and the culinary delights, Thessaloniki is so famous for in
Greece. All participants are getting ready to be amazed.

Alain Pallas, Managing Director of Europe Congress, organizers of MCE South Europe states: ‘’We
have been cooperating with the local Convention Bureau and the host venue intensively to assure
the highest standards, the most comfortable settings and a fantastic experience for all participants.
All with the goal to create new business cooperations and the satisfaction of the attendees. The
Europe Congress team is looking forward delivering the show in just a month’s time in the amazing
event destination of Thessaloniki.’’