FITUR will anticipate future applications of 5G technology for the tourism industry and more

FITUR will anticipate future applications of 5G technology for the tourism industry and more

FITUR will anticipate future applications of 5G technology for the tourism industry and more

One of the technological novelties that FITUR 2018 will present will be the result of the progress of the IFEMA LAB 5G research team in the development of different 5G prototypes for application in the tourism sector and the exhibition environment. The applications that will be made public include the “Augmented trade show” and “Travel in time”, which will allow access to all sessions of the show in real time or deferred; “Traductor”, a multilingual real-time interpreter accessible to all attendees to the fair; and “Teleport”, an immersive teleconference service in three dimensions.

The prototypes will serve as an appetizer to learn about the possibilities offered by this innovative technology that will completely transform the way of experiencing tourism and its management in the exhibition environment, thanks to practically unlimited communications, data and computing services that can be accessed in real time.

New applications include listening to a tour guide from mobile to mobile without going through the network, virtual audio guides, or augmented reality.

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FITUR Know-How and digital transformation

FITUR 2018 will host the VI edition of FITUR Know-How & Export, an initiative organized by SEGITTUR and FITUR, in collaboration with export promotion body ICEX. The aim is to promote the export of the internationally recognized Spanish tourism knowledge, through spreading its services and innovative products to other markets and offering personalized advice with multilateral organizations.

This edition will present an area aimed at showing the possibilities of virtual reality as a facilitating tool for the tourism sector, with which the visitor can experience the different stages of a trip, as well as a Startup Area dedicated to giving visibility to tourism projects developed young technological companies.

In this edition, several actions will be launched, such as the presentation of the Guide of Tourist Applications 2018, the delivery of the prizes of the contest of tourist apps “The AppTourism Awards 2018”, organized jointly by SEGITTUR and FITUR, and the activation of SEGITTURLab, the laboratory of ideas with workshops for entrepreneurs and tourism professionals, such as “Blockchain applied to tourism”, “Customer journey of the digital tourist”, “Virtual reality”, or “Applications of the chatbot in tourism”.

Digital developments help the tourism sector improve the user experience and maximize professional management in the industry.

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The technological transformation of tourism in FiturtechY

FiturtechY has become the meeting point to debate and learn about the innovations that are transforming the tourism industry, as well as those that promise to change the way we think about tourism. This section of FITUR, organized in collaboration with the Hotel Technological Institute -ITH- will feature, in Hall 10, four specialized forums for the management of tourism businesses and destinations, sustainability and future trends in the tourism sector, with technology as a thread. The four sections will be:

#techYnegocio will address the impact of new technological developments in different tourism businesses (Internet of Things (IoT), chatbots, Artificial Intelligence (AI), virtual assistants).

#techYsostenibilidad will focus on the evolution of the concept of sustainability, as well as the need to evolve towards a model that is profitable without endangering the environment in which it develops.

#techYfuturo will transport attendees to a new reality: the development of blockchains, the coexistence between humans and machines, as well as virtual and space transport.

#techYdestino will bring professionals into an environment in which the architecture, means of transport, and the very life of the city revolves around the expectations and needs of different tourist profiles.

#techYhotel will make it possible to meet and interact with the latest technological innovations in hotel equipment

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