When Sandals Resort Meets the Environment

When Sandals Resort Meets the Environment

Sandals Foundation of Sandals Resorts and Beaches believes tomorrow is influenced by what we do today. So, it is important that we cultivate a local culture that is conscious of their collective and individual impact on the world.

“Preserving the environment is what I enjoy most in this world and the Sandals Foundation has taught me that the sky is the limit. This is our future,” said Jerlene Layne, Sandals Foundation Fishing & Game Warden.

From the deep seas to the lush forests to exotic wildlife, our unique surroundings sustain, protect and inspire us. It is the Sandals Foundation’s focus to educate communities, including fishermen, young students, and even Sandals Resorts employees, about effective conservation practices, and establish sanctuaries that will benefit generations to come.


Sandals Foundation:  Preserving the Environment

Guy Harvey “Save Our Seas”

There is a powerful force surging through young generations: a wave of curiosity and concern in regards to their world. The Guy Harvey “Save Our Seas” program is catching that wave and has developed a groundbreaking school initiative that fosters an enthusiasm among Caribbean youth towards marine awareness and environmental responsibility.

Sandals Foundation:  Preserving the Environment

Coral Conservation

The Caribbean has lost 80% of its coral coverage in recent years, and the disappearance of beaches and the collapse of the fishing industry is imminent. Due to management of the Boscobel Sanctuary in Jamaica, there was an increase in overall coral coverage by 15% (NEPA). The Foundation has also partnered with Coral Restoration Foundation and CARIBSAVE to create 2 sustainable coral nurseries within Boscobel and Blue Fields Bay Fish Sanctuary.

Sandals Foundation:  Preserving the Environment

Marine Protection

Sandals Foundation manages two marine sanctuaries and supports an additional 4 in Jamaica, helping to protect the islands’ depleting fish stocks and strengthen the resilience of the coral reefs. The sanctuaries in Jamaica also contain coral nurseries, helping to replenish the coral reefs and increasing protection of vulnerable coastal communities. Investment in coral nurseries has expanded to St. Lucia in a 3-year partnership with CLEAR Caribbean to increase coral health Soufriere Marine Management Area and train locals in coral restoration. Over 6,000 pieces of corals have been planted.

Sandals Foundation:  Preserving the Environment

Trees that Feed Barbados

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day, show him how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” That’s the heart of the Sandals Foundation partners’ goal – Trees that Feed. The Foundation is on a mission to plant fruit trees that will feed people, create jobs, and benefit the environment. The program has planted food trees in over 20 schools across Barbados.

Sandals Foundation:  Preserving the Environment

Turtle Conservation

Partnerships with local organizations in Jamaica and Antigua have provided support to create awareness, gather data, build turtle incubators, and fund wardens and much needed patrol equipment, as well as rehabilitate beaches to help increase chances of turtle survival in the wild. Funding has come through a Foundation partnership with Island Routes which promotes seasonal turtle hatching tours.

Sandals Foundation:  Preserving the Environment

Boscobel Marine Sanctuary

In 2017, The Boscobel Marine Sanctuary became Jamaica’s first rotating fish sanctuary, which allows for sections to be open periodically throughout the year, increasing the benefit of the sanctuary to the surrounding communities by not only expanding its boundaries, but also allowing fishermen to benefit from better catch due to the increase in fish populations and fish biomass.

Sandals Foundation:  Preserving the Environment


Go scuba diving at any Sandals or Beaches Resort and purchase a Sandals Foundation Dive Tag.

100% of all proceeds go towards the following environmental projects:

  • Management of Marine Sanctuaries
  • Development and Maintenance of Coral Nurseries
  • Turtle Conservation
  • Environmental Education in Local Schools
  • Invasive Species Control
  • Wetlands Conservation

Sandals Resorts and Beaches – not just relaxation and rejuvenation, but an adventure and a chance to take home happy vacation memories knowing you did something to help save the environment.

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