MICE access share it: From an idea to reality

MICE access share it: From an idea to reality

Rejected offline MICE requests become a business for hotelier

Statistics prove that approximately 70% to 80% of inquiries in the MICE segment take place offline. This means that the MICE sector is still lagging behind digitalization, but MICE access aims to remedy this situation. The business idea, which was already tested in 2015, has now been implemented worldwide.

MICE access – share it

Share it allows hoteliers to forward offline direct requests that you cannot handle. The aim is to forward these requests to other hotels, which can provide free capacities and thus provide the customer with a suitable conference venue. To use this function within MICE access, the hotels only need a free entry on MICE access and a short registration to share it. After the uncomplicated registration, the hotelier can set the offline direct inquiry directly for up to 10 hotels. According to the motto: from hotels for hotels.

A clear advantage for the hotelier is the fair commission sharing. With every successful placement (booking), the hotelier receives a commission. This means that a monetary advantage can also be drawn from the rejected transaction.

Background to the business idea

The aim is not to refer customers and business to competitors, but to offer the customer a previously unknown service. By the readiness to find a solution for the acute inquiry, a still more intensive customer connection between the hotel and the customer is created, in addition the Hotelier underlines its authority within the MICE range opposite the customer.

Sven Bergerhausen, Managing Director of MICE access and initiator of the idea, is euphoric about the implementation: “The idea came to me as early as 2015, but we did not yet have the scope and resources to turn the project into reality. Now we have not only that, but also the acceptance of the market. I have high hopes of the implementation of share it and think that hoteliers in particular will become more involved in the digitalization of the MICE industry as a result.”

Successful test phase

MICE access has already started a successful test phase with some selected hotels and has been able to refine the product with the experience of the hotels. Thanks to the intensive cooperation with the hotels, share it can now fully meet the needs of the hoteliers.


MICE access offers a comfortable platform for international hotel and location bookings with a focus on the MICE (Meetings Incentives Conventions Events) segment. MICE access is offered exclusively as a white label and interface solution for providers and agencies and is the German market leader in this area. With its comprehensive interface solution, MICE access is a kind of “channel manager” for the MICE industry and networks the hotel industry with many international distribution partners. The customers of the distribution partners can find and book hotels and locations for business trips, conferences and trade fair appearances online via the platform. With personal access, customers can request and book more than 17,500 group and conference hotels as well as meeting and event locations worldwide (online RFP process). In addition, it is possible to book rooms directly in more than 500,000 hotels worldwide (instant book process).

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