How intelligent is your city’s transport system? Hamburg World Congress reveals

How intelligent is your city’s transport system? Hamburg World Congress reveals

In Copenhagen, over 10,000 trade visitors from more than 100 countries will be able to get a taste of the innovative mobility and logistics solutions Hamburg aims to present in 2021.

At this year’s World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Copenhagen, Denmark, from September 17-21, Hamburg will be showcasing selected mobility projects from its ITS strategy. Hosting the ITS World Congress 2021, the city in Germany’s north is on its way to becoming an international hotspot for future mobility.

Hamburger Hochbahn AG will be presenting its Hamburg Electric Autonomous Transportation (HEAT) project, with driverless minibuses that are scheduled for testing in the HafenCity district in 2019. MOIA, a Volkswagen subsidiary, will be presenting its ride-sharing service, including an electric vehicle to be rolled out on Hamburg’s streets next year. Moreover, a 9-kilometer test track for automated driving will be established in Hamburg’s city center by 2020. The joint German stand in Copenhagen will also feature Deutsche Bahn as Smart City partner as well as Siemens Mobility, T-Systems, Bosch, and Fraunhofer.

With 1.8 million inhabitants, Hamburg is Germany’s second largest city. The city is promoting state-of-the-art technologies with the aim of becoming a showroom for innovative mobility. Digital technology plays a key role in making urban mobility and logistics in Hamburg safer, more efficient, and more eco-friendly.

Running under the tagline “Experience Future Mobility Now”, the ITS World Congress in Hamburg will take place from October 11-15, 2021. Many of the pilot projects, for example, in the areas of automated and networked driving, ports and logistics, as well as intelligent infrastructure and mobility services, are currently being launched.