Frequent travelers browse Instagram 28 days each month, says expert

Frequent travelers browse Instagram 28 days each month, says expert

The advent of Instagram and advanced technology has changed the traveler’s journey from inspiration through to booking, according to a social media expert speaking on Arabian Travel Market’s Global Stage.

Those travelling no longer rely on guidebooks or travel catalogues with out-of-date information, or even paper maps to navigate their latest holiday destination. Instead, travelers now have real-time access to various social media platforms such as Instagram.

With more than 500 million users sharing an average of 95 million photos and videos per day, travel plans are continuously being made, shared and made again on Instagram.

Today’s frequent travelers browse Instagram 28 days out of every month, searching for new ideas and new holiday destinations.

During a seminar session entitled ‘Inspiring the Explorers – Destination Instagram’ at Arabian Travel Market today (Monday 23rd April), the unique opportunities Instagram’s visual nature has given to travel lovers around the world was explored.

Terry Kane, Head of Auto, Finance, Government, Telco and Travel – MENA, Facebook and Instagram, said: “Today, more and more travellers begin their journey on Instagram, looking for inspiration for their next adventure, next destination to visit or next restaurant to dine in. Viewing pictures, videos or stories on Instagram gives users a sense of wanting to be there and wanting to experience what they are viewing.

“With so many people sharing their experiences on Instagram, it is easier now than ever to research trips before you depart to find new ideas and new destinations to explore that are off the beaten track, allowing you to create your own individual journey and experience.”