Singapore: Home of ITB Asia and country tourism

Singapore: Home of ITB Asia and country tourism

Singapore: Home of ITB Asia and country tourism

ITB Asia was launched in 2008 in Singapore, a destination in the heart of Southeast Asia, one of the world’s fastest-growing regions for travel and tourism. Well-positioned to grow in tandem with the dynamic travel and tourism ecosystem of this region, it is today one of Asia’s leading travel tradeshows, hosting a comprehensive spectrum of conference tracks and education sessions on various categories across leisure and corporate travel.

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is celebrating its long-standing 10-year partnership with Messe Berlin. To mark the occasion, Singapore will be the Official Partner Country for ITB Asia 2017, Messe Berlin’s regional flagship tradeshow. STB’s new brand, Passion Made Possible, will feature prominently across the exhibition show floor, with STB hosting the Singapore Pavilion (Booth F05) and Happy Corner (Booth F50) from 25 to 27 October at ITB Asia 2017, held at the Sands Expo and Convention Hall.

“This year marks the 10th anniversary of ITB Asia being anchored in Singapore, a testament to the country’s position as a leading travel and tourism hub of Asia. The success of ITB Asia over the years has also helped entrench Singapore’s strength as a platform that catalyzes the growth of business events, and a destination that provides opportunities for delegates to network, collaborate and share insights. We are excited to continue partnering with Messe Berlin to expound the latest travel trends and deliver exceptional experiences at ITB Asia, and for Singapore to lead the way as a springboard for the region’s travel industry to grow,” said Mr. Andrew Phua, Director of Exhibitions and Conferences, Singapore Tourism Board.

“We are immensely proud to be celebrating our tenth anniversary this year. ITB Asia 2017 will feature our strongest-ever line-up of conference speakers, our largest exhibition showcases yet and our highest-ever buyer participation numbers. Overall, we expect more than 11,000 attendees from over 113 countries to come together to network and do business, putting Singapore at the center of all this activity. We are grateful for ten years of consistent support from STB, which has allowed us to continually make ITB Asia the region’s go-to event,” said Ms Katrina Leung, Executive Director of Messe Berlin (Singapore), the organizer of ITB Asia.

ITB Asia has continually proffered stronger content and more exciting experiences for delegates each year, with 2016 welcoming 10,876 attendees, a 75 percent growth from its inaugural edition.

Singapore, home of ITB Asia

2017 is a milestone year for STB, with Singapore as the home of ITB Asia for the 10th time, coupled with the recent launch of STB’s unified brand with EDB, Passion Made Possible. In line with Passion Made Possible, STB is reinventing the way it presents the city with a blockbuster line-up of activities to share Singapore’s spirit and passions with delegates, and inspire them to discover the city and deepen their own passions.

• Singapore Pavilion, Hall F, Booth F05

The Singapore Pavilion brings the best of the city directly onto the exhibition show floor, celebrating the core values of Passion Made Possible through a spatial experience comprising live performances, art showcases and interactive workshops. It weaves together multiple Singapore stories into a multi-sensory experience, to appeal to the varied interests of delegates whilst serving as a platform to showcase Singapore’s talents and their passions. Delegates can view a selection of collectibles and products by homegrown designers and artists including Edwin Low (Supermama) and Hafiz Osman, or enjoy an audio-visual performance by the Syndicate collective and a custom cocktail by mixologist Vijay Mudaliar. They can also interact with Singapore makers at the booth and try their hand at letterpress printing with The Gentlemen’s Press or create their own perfumes with Scent, and bring their handmade creations home.

Refer to the Annex for the line-up of activities happening at the Singapore Pavilion

• Happy Corner: Passion Kitchens, Hall F, Booth F50

At the Happy Corner, STB is bringing Singapore’s people and their passions to life through virtual reality to inspire delegates to step out and savor the flavors of Singapore. Delegates can go behind the scenes and experience the craft of cooking through four virtual reality “Passion Kitchens”, each featuring a different restaurant and cuisine offered in Singapore – Peach Blossoms (Chinese), Mamanda (Malay), Muthu’s Curry (Indian) and Xiao Ya Tou (Mod-Sin). There will also be a display showcase for delegates to touch, feel and smell the spices and ingredients used in preparing the dishes featured in the “Passion Kitchens”.

For delegates and business partners hoping to find out more about Singapore and how STB is reinventing the way it is approaching travel marketing today, Ms Lim Shoo Ling, Director of Brand at STB will also be sharing more on how “Singapore Disrupts Conventional Tourism Branding” at the Presentation Hub on 26 October, 10 am.