Japan Tourism EXPO 2018: So much to see, so much to do!

Japan Tourism EXPO 2018: So much to see, so much to do!

Tourism EXPO Japan 2018 is the world’s largest tourism trade fair – and possibly the most fun! This year’s event will be held from September 20-23, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan, at Tokyo Big Sight. September 20 and 21 are reserved for business discussions and industry professionals, and September 22 and 23 is open to the general public.

The event is being organized by the Japan Travel and Tourism Association (JTTA), the Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA), and the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO). Just take a look at what these organizers have developed for this year’s EXPO:

Welcome Reception

The reception will create networking opportunities for tourism industry officials, buyers and sellers, sponsors, media, and guests. A light meal and drinks will be served.

Forums & Seminars

This international conference will cover global perspectives and will be held in collaboration with the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). The event will include a Keynote Speech, TEJ Ministerial Round Table, Asian Tourism Business Leaders’ Forum, Thematic Symposia, and WTTC Networking Reception.

Visit Japan Travel & MICE Mart 2018

The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) will organize overseas travel agencies and tourism-related enterprises across Japan by bringing them together through a B2B business meeting, creating links between inbound businesses. Preferential treatment on participation quotas will be given to TEJ exhibitors. Registration fees will need to be paid by exhibitors. In the case of a large number of applicants, positions will be awarded by a lottery system.

Inbound Tourism Business EXPO

Tourism EXPO Japan and Nikkei Inc. are co-organizing “Inbound Tourism Business Expo” in the form of a “fair in fair.” Applications are being accepted for exhibiting from companies and organizations that provide services to support tourism in Japan and deliver services such as marketing, multi-language & ICT solutions, video images & web contents, related equipment & infrastructure, space design & interior, human resources, sales of goods, and experience planning.

In-booth business meetings

During the first 2 days, business meetings will take place at the exhibition booths. On days 3 and 4, the exhibitions will appeal directly to the general public. Zones will be set up and will include those for Asia, Central Asia, Pacific, Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Central and South America and will feature exhibits from travel agencies, embassies, airlines, tour operators, hotels, and others.

Japan Tourism Awards

Japan has made tourism part of its growth strategy and hopes for increased exchanges between Japanese people and foreigners. The tourism industry plays a major role in Japan’s economic growth, involving a broad range of industries in revitalizing tourism in the areas of Japanese domestic tourism, outbound Japanese tourism to other countries, and inbound foreign tourists visiting Japan.

The Japan Tourism Awards recognize those who contribute to the development and expansion of the tourism industry, adding synergistic effects to “Tourism EXPO Japan,” while also giving recognition to exceptionally-sustainable initiatives by associations, organizations, and companies in Japan and overseas. These awards utilize this event as an opportunity to pursue the goal of spreading the word and educating others about the efforts to make “Tourist Destination: Japan” a reality both domestically and internationally.

And then, of course, there’s the food and the costumes, the music and the shows, the people and the excitement of discovering new places to explore through travel!

So, don’t be left out! Register now for Japan Tourism EXPO 2018. Find more information here.