Geoffrey Lipman on Climate Change: Our entire planetary lifestyle will be shattered irreversibly

“Climate Change is the major eXistential challenge we face – if we fail to respond now, our entire planetary lifestyle will be shattered irreversibly. There are no options.

Speaking yesterday  at the International Conference on Digitalisation and Sustainable Tourism in Mauritius, Professor Geoffrey Lipman co-founder of SUNx and TraNexus blockchain solutions and president of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) highlighted the fact that:

Professor Lipman described the link between the increasing volatility, scale and destructiveness of extreme weather, with the starvation, poverty, disease, migration and conflict that it causes. He said:

“Travel & Tourism, as a lead global Socio-economic Development Agent must step up to the plate with actions. As a leader, we will need to be in the forefront of change and the more so many of our core products/attributes are in the front line – transport (particularly aviation), coastal facilities, infrastructure, for example, will need radical transformation and support. We are not yet going far enough, fast enough and haven’t focused on the real potential impacts. Nor have we put in place mechanisms to put the sector in the mainstream. We will need to embrace the green, the blue, the circular, the sharing and the sufficiency economies. Not just study but embrace them. We will need to adapt our institutions to be more visionary, nimble and inclusive. SUNx – the Strong Universal Network – has been established to help keep our eyes on the ball and our minds on the stakes.”

He described how Technology, specifically Blockchain, will be a major factor in determining success or failure. He explained that this will be through changes to transport propulsion systems, energy efficient buildings and improved border crossings. He went on to say:

“It will help enhance security through positive identification, make bookings and fulfillment easier, faster and safer, it will revolutionize marketing and promotion through augmented reality. And it will rationalize and strengthen payment systems and investment flows.”

Speaking about the fact that small island states and poorer countries are first in the line of fire he concluded by saying:

“It is fitting that Mauritius has had the vision to focus on this at the time of its 50th Anniversary as a sovereign state. You will need to act now and act out of the box, to build on your incredible success story and help the world make it for the next 50 years. Business, as usual, is not enough: moderate change is not enough: only total transformation is enough.”

The Strong Universal Network SUNx, is a program of the EU based, not for profit Green Growth and Travelism Institute, and a legacy to the late Maurice Strong – Sustainable Development Pioneer.

Its goal is to promote Climate Resilient, Impact-Travel with good & bad effects measured and managed coherently: with Green Growth at the core and, 2050-proof in line with the Paris Accords and the W.E.F. 4th Industrial Revolution.

TraNexus is committed to changing the way people travel and revitalizing the travel and tourism industry by making travel easier, greener, more valuable and more fun.

TraNexus will create a series of blockchain-based apps, technologies and more that streamline travel, focusing on apps that manage documents, currencies and experiences to enhance the travel experience from the traveller to the complete tourism economy. TraNexus streamlines the travel process for business travellers and tourists alike while creating an entirely new travel experience for green-minded adventure-seekers around the world. For more information about TraNexus, visit and follow them on TwitterFacebookInstagram and Reddit or visit

The International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) is a grassroots travel & tourism coalition of destinations and stakeholder committed to Green Growth & Quality equals Business.
ICTP is based in Haleiwa, Hawaii, USA; Brussels, Belgium; Victoria, Seychelles ; and Bali, Indonesia.

Geoffrey Lipman on Climate Change: Our entire planetary lifestyle will be shattered irreversibly