Concept to Creation: Disneyland Paris to host first international event for event designers

Concept to Creation: Disneyland Paris to host first international event for event designers

The first edition of a revolutionary event for the international event industry will be held in Disneyland Paris from Monday 25 to Thursday 28 February 2019: it’s Concept to Creation (C2C), conceived and organized by the well-known Florentine wedding & event planner Monica Balli.

C2C, whose leit-motiv is significantly Awakening creativity to be trendsetters, is aimed at 140 top event organizers from all over the world. It will offer them truly exclusive master classes, as for teachers level (all internationally recognized gurus) and concepts – an academy of excellence that could mark a turning point in the industry methods and training practices.

The format is based on the continuing education offered to YPO-WPO members (Association of Young Presidents, of which Monica Balli is a member): entrepreneurs, CEOs and top managers from all over the world, with millions of dollars in revenues and companies of thousands of employees. To name a few of the participants: Ferragamo, Fendi, Perini, Google, Facebook,, Unilever, Morgan Stanley Private Equity.

The educational plan

The aim of C2C is to deepen the areas of interest for event organizers, as well as for the business of their companies and for their personal lives, as they are closely linked to work. For this reason, teachers and learners will have a very high profile, selected both among the top-notch industry professionals and within YPO.

Important: it will be a networking-among-peers event. Participants – due to their high professional level – will be able to interact with teachers in perfect equality. It is experiential education, not just lectures.

Here are the ten seminar areas. For each one, 12 to 20 learners are expected:

1. Concept 2 Creation.
2. How to create and photograph a product for the media, thus building a common language.
3. Cross-cultural manners in business, personal and events.
4. The art of creating food and wine trends.
5. Be my guest – the art of treating and managing every kind of guest, from small to very large numbers.
6. Influencers and social media future strategy.
7. Tech design & rendering – visual impact and new applied design technologies.
8. The 4.0 entrepreneur – emotional intelligence & mindfulness: reality perception leading to a better leader and person.
9. Brainstorming techniques leading to a creative design and team.
10. Lighting up a fast team.


C2C is aimed at 140 top event designers, production companies, event organization agencies all over the world. Ten ambassadors representing as many or more Countries and cultures will be their full-time tutors.

Venue and post-event

Disneyland has been picked up as the symbol of a successful creation, just like the event designers’ ones, who create events to entertain and make dreams come true, as big Walt did.

At the end of C2C, those interested will be able to take part in a fam trip along Paris or Florence.

A statement from Monica Balli

«C2C’s teaching will be authentically experiential, one-to-one, with peer-to-peer learners and speakers, one to benefit from the inputs of the others. In this sense, the event will turn out to be a dream: for the first time participants will face the real gurus of the meeting & event industry (not only of this industry actually) and will be able to fully interact with them. Moreover it must be underlined that, for the first time ever, such an event is conceived and managed by event organizers themselves – the teachers and myself. It will be three authentically cross-cultural days, marked by the breaking down of barriers leading to reciprocal understanding, which is a basic factor when organizing world events».