Chancellor Merkel on Coronavirus: Smile, make eye-contact, don’t shake hands and keep 1 meter distance

The German tradition to shake hands is not helpful and perhaps dangerous during the COVID-19 epidemic. The German ChancellorDR. Angela Merkel had a piece of advice at today’s press conference in Berlin. Keep 1-meter distance and instead of shaking hands, look into the person’s eye and smile.

At this press-conference of the German Government stressed the impact of COVID-19 on the German and global economy. The German Minister of Health Spahn tresses that 70% of the population will be affected and the virus could be around for many years!

The minister pledged help for the Meeting and Incentive industry, the hospitality industry among others.
Chancellor Merkel is not a fan of closing borders, but is a fan of dialog and finding a path with other countries to get through this epidemic.

The minister of health stressed face masks are not necessary, disinfection at home is not necessary, but washing hands is necessary. The minister stresses that such masks are necessary for health professionals and this is where the priority must be.

The minister said it should be easier to not visit clubs, not allow football games and concerts, compared to closing daycare or schools.

The Chancellor said Berlin can give suggestions but doesn’t want to issue orders. Citizens are mature enough to make their own decision if a visit to club is really necessary. However, an order to cancel all events with 1000 and more participants is a reality in Germany.