Agreement signed between Italy and China exhibition groups

Agreement signed between Italy and China exhibition groups

On September 20, Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) inked an agreement with Chengdu ZhongLian Exhibition Co. Ltd., the Chinese company that organizes the Chengdu Environmental Protection Expo (CDEPE).

The agreement was signed in the presence of the undersecretary for Economic Development, Prof. Michele Geraci, during the inauguration day of the Italia Pavilion at the 17th edition of the Western China International Fair di Chengdu (WCIF), a governmental expo event of southwestern China, at which Italy was the Guest of Honor country.

Stipulated through EAGLE, the joint venture between IEG and VNU Exhibitions Asia, the agreement foresees an operation for the purchase of 60% of the CDEPE exhibition, ratifying the launch of the partnership between the two companies for the development and organization of expo events in the industry of green technologies and environmental protection with a particular focus on Western China.

The operation has the advantage of the expertise of Ecomondo organized by IEG (Rimini Expo Centre, 6-9 November 2018). The collaboration aims at the development of CDEPE (being held in 2019 from March 22-24, precisely in Chengdu), with an increase in the participation of high-tech international enterprises with innovative products and services, international buyers, and know-how on European technology in the field of green technologies. CDEPE will feature the participation of over 300 exhibitors, a layout divided into functional targeted areas, and the supervision of an authoritative scientific committee. The partnership’s objectives also include the commitment of CDEPE to favouring the incoming of qualified Chinese industry/trade members to Ecomondo 2018.

Ecomondo was also a key player at the Western China International Fair di Chengdu (WCIF), thanks to the long-term collaboration between IEG and ICE Italian Trade and Investment Agency, where in fact it was part of the Italian delegation of 55 companies in the Italia Pavilion, in one of the five thematic areas dedicated to the Environment and Sustainable Urbanization.

Lastly, in the context of the program of international cooperation between China and Italy held during the exhibition, on September 23, the Sino Italian Summit on Circular Economy and Green Growth was organized by the Italian General Consulate of Chongqing in collaboration with IEG, the Department of Environmental Protection of Sichuan, the Department of Exhibition Business of Sichuan, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China and EEGEX – Energy Environment Global Exchange. In the context of the Forum, IEG organized a technical session involving two members of the Ecomondo Technical-Scientific Committee, extraordinarily authoritative personalities on the international research scenario, Professors Gian Marco Revel and Francesco Fatone, as well as Sandro Bisello, Technical Director of Venice Newport Container and Logistics SpA of the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority.

Prof. Gian Marco Revel, Lecturer in Measurement at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences of the Marches Polytechnic University, gave a speech on “Urban Circular Economy and Digital Technologies for Happier Citizens,” whereas the speech by Prof. Francesco Fatone, also of the Marches Polytechnic University, focused on “Challenges and eco-innovative solutions towards circular economy and industrial symbiosis in urban environment.” Lastly, SandroBisello covered the important topic “Environmental Restoration and Economic Development of Industrial Parks and Ports: case study of Venice.”