Uzakrota concluded in Serbia with 300 participants discussing Tourism and Health

Uzakrota 2019 concluded after 2 1/2 in Belgrade, the capital of the southeast European country of Serbia. The Uzakrota Balkan Summit was attended by tourism brands from Turkey and the Balkan region. With the contribution of the Turkish Airlines Corporate Club and Tourist Office of Belgrade. The event was successfully concluded on 10 March at Mona Plaza Belgrade Hotel.

Tourism and Health Former Minister of Turkey Bulent Akarcalı, Serbia Tourism Deputy Minister Renate Pindzo, Belgrade Tourism Office Director Miodrag Popovic, Turkey-Serbian Ambassador Tanju Bilgiç, Singer and TV Star Ivana Sert attended the Uzakrota Balkan Travel Summit.

300 people attended sessions, that included; “Today and Future of Online Platforms”, “The Power of Emerging Markets and Online Platforms”, “Traveling Groups and Marketing Strategies of the Future”, “The Effect of Payment Platforms on the End User” and “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow; “Customer’s Holiday Preferences” many issues such as were discussed.

Speaking at the opening, Former Minister of Tourism and Health Bülent Akarcalı said that Uzakrota contributed more than 1 billion dollars to the tourism sector with 10 events organized in the past years; Serbian Tourism Minister Deputy Renata Pindzo said Uzakrota is very valuable in Serbia and the country is planning to give more value to the event in the coming years.

Speaking at the opening of the summit, the Tourist Organization of Belgrade (TOB) Director Miodrag Popovic said that “crisis management” was carried out in all Balkan countries due to the COVID19 epidemic. “We shared our experiences and together we will try to get out of crisis management even stronger and better,”

Uzakrota Travel Summit has become one of the top 10 tourism events in the world in recent years. Organized with the support of TOB and Turkish Airlines Corporate Club, the distant Balkan Travel Summit brought together travel agencies, airlines, hotels, bloggers and companies that offer logistics services to the tourism industry.