TTG SIA and SUN 2020: Destination Confidence

TTG SIA and SUN 2020: Destination Confidence

TTG SIA and SUN 2020: Destination Confidence

From October 14-16, 2020 in the Rimini Exhibition Center, the 57th TTG Travel Experience will kick off  business for exhibitors, buyers, and guests. In fact, the entire supply chain is planning its future on the same days – the 69th SIA Hospitality Design and the 38th SUN Beach & Outdoor Style. TTG SIA and SUN 2020 are ready to innovate, starting with ways to visit Italy.

The tourism market moves people, and its currency is trust.

TTG SIA and SUN 2020 event represents the most important tourism marketplace in Italy. In mid-October in the Rimini fair district a route towards tourism will be traced which will fall in line with the key word: trust.

The organizer of the three pavilions – Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) – will focus on the safety of every single aspect of travel and accommodation, from the offer of the tourist product to the reception in the accommodation facilities. The key to understanding the 2020 edition of the TTG SIA and SUN 2020 will be the “Think Human” topic which all the more reason means this must also apply on the days of the event.

After a warm-up with testimonials from those who joined the #iononrinuncioaTTG campaign, the conditions for returning to participate are all there. The spaces of the fair have been redesigned within the project #safebusiness wanted by IEG to ensure that every phase of participation in the demonstration takes place safely.

TTG SIA and SUN 2020 will be the showcase of Italian tourism’s ability to think and act in a new and vital way with the whole catalogue of the beauty of Italy protagonist of the meeting between supply and demand: natural or urban environments; the large and small cities of art; the landscape in which to practice sports or enjoy relaxation; the strength of natural elements such as the sea, earth, or sky; and the shades of the countryside.

TTG SIA and SUN 2020: Destination Confidence

A new way of conceiving indoor and outdoor environments through the service of hospitality is the centrality of food. These are the assets on which to regain the domestic market and project solid values abroad such as environmental sustainability, human warmth, professionalism, and the quality standards that together form the chain of value of destination Italy.

“Be Active,” therefore, will release the need to re-establish a balance between mind, body, and nature; whichever part of the peninsula you choose, perhaps the one chosen by important sports teams for the preparation of athletes. And a new look at what we believe we already know will come from “Book and Go,” the format which reinforces curiosity with the experiences of authors who never cease to try their hand at the narrative of the journey.

The conference, in the dedicated and revisited arenas, will be one of the strengths of the 2020 edition of TTG SIA and SUN 2020: for market players who will share projects and resilience, architects in the definition of environments, the accessories supplies, intelligent home automation, and innovative start-ups that will make them simpler and more suitable to relax the daily gestures of the holiday, all the way up to the public decision-makers. And for those who, from the most distant destinations, could not participate in person in Rimini, IEG has developed digital services for the right matching between sellers and buyers.


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