Meetings & Convention News: Israel and Saudi Arabia Travel on the Horizon?

Meetings & Convention News: Israel and Saudi Arabia Travel on the Horizon?

For the first time in history, an Israeli minister is leading a delegation in Saudi Arabia and will be participating in the 2-day United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) event to be attended by world tourism leaders.

Fostering peace talks between Israel and Saudi Arabia, the United States along with those in attendance are hopeful that the end result of this coming together will be understanding, peace, and at long last the opportunity for travel to commence between the 2 countries.

Minister Katz was elected for the first time to an official position in the World Tourism Organization and is currently leading a task force that oversees with the delegate from Spain, UNWTO’s global tourism initiatives.

The Minister will be participating in several events and discussions along with meetings with other ministers from around the globe as well as with important Middle East leaders.

Minister Katz said:

“Tourism is a bridge between nations.”

“Partnership in tourism issues has the potential to bring hearts together and economic prosperity. I will work to create collaborations to promote tourism and Israel’s foreign relations.”

North America’s Commissioner for the Israel Ministry of Tourism, Eyal Carlin, stated: “The last few years have been transformative for travel to Israel and in the Middle East, with the introduction of the Abraham Accords, allowing more flight routes and combinations of travel to be available for American travelers. There are ancient sites, iconic architecture, bustling markets and savory cuisine. We are excited about the tourism opportunities this relationship could bring to both of our countries.”

World Tourism Day is celebrated every year on September 27 and marks the day the Statutes of the Organization that we signed which became the United Nations World Tourism Organization. This year is he 43rd anniversary of that important 1980 signing.

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