Lights off in Las Vegas! MGM Resorts and Casinos closing

MGM is the largest Casino Resort group in Las Vegas setting the trend for Las Vegas multi-billion Dollar visitors industry active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Las Vegas never closes, except when  Coronavirus attacks the city and the travel and tourism industry.

MGM is the host of many meetings and conventions and is seen as the key leader besides the Cesars Group in the city.

Coronavirus brought MGM to their knees.

On March 17 the following resorts will be closed. Casinos will close already tomorrow, Monday March 16;

MGM’s competitor Sands operating mega-casino resorts like Venetian will remain open, but all entertainment events had been canceled.

The following statement was released by Jim Murren, Chairman and CEO of MGM Resorts:

“As the coronavirus pandemic has intensified in the United States over the past week, the people of MGM Resorts have worked to try to find a way to continue delivering high-quality hospitality and entertainment experiences for our guests while keeping our employees doing the jobs they love in a safe environment.  Welcoming people from around the world is what we do, and our employees have tremendous pride in their work.

Despite our commitment to dedicating additional resources for cleaning and promoting good health, while making difficult decisions to close certain aspects of our operations, it is now apparent that this is a public health crisis that requires major collective action if we are to slow its progression.

Accordingly, we will close all of our Las Vegas properties as of Tuesday, March 17th, for the good of our employees, guests, and communities. This is a time of uncertainty across our country and the globe and we must all do our part to curtail the spread of this virus. We will plan to reopen our resorts as soon as it safe to do so and we will continue to support our employees, guests, and communities in every way that we can during this period of closure.”

MGM Resorts will not be taking reservations for arrivals prior to May 1, but please watch for the latest information. Details on the closing procedures, timelines and other issues related to this announcement will be forthcoming.