Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos open: Russian Roulette?

Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos open: Russian Roulette?

Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos open: Russian Roulette?

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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Reopening the Las Vegas Strip may be a sin, that could not be contained in Las Vegas. When people around the world start getting sick, because they gambled in Sin City, when  Casino and Hotel workers die on coronavirus it could not only eliminate travel to Las Vegas for some time to come. When Las Vegas sneezes tourism in the rest of the United States may get pneumonia.

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goldmanin may be willing to gamble big time. She plans to gamble on the reopening of the Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, and Casinos in Las Vegas.

With 83 percent of the vote, Carolyn G. Goodman won her third term as mayor of the city of Las Vegas, Nevada  on April 2, 2019

On Wednesday the mayor called for the swift reopening of hotels and casinos. She said that many who earn livelihoods in such establishments said they were afraid to return unless strict safety measures were introduced for themselves and guests.

Although Goodman said the businesses should reopen, she did not provide any guidelines on how they should handle social distancing and other safety measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus

She indicated it was not her business to give guidelines on how to do this safely, saying this was up to the casino operators how to do this.  Mayor Goldman is not a Republican or Democrat but an Independent politician.

D. Taylor, the president of UNITE Here, a union that represents more than 300,000 hospitality workers across the country, called Goodman’s comments “one of the worst things I’ve heard.”

Wynn Resorts, which owns multiple hotels and casinos in Las Vegas, released a report Sunday detailing a plan to reopen the Las Vegas Strip with safety measures such as thermal cameras and social distancing.

Casino and hotel workers will not feel comfortable returning unless strict safety measures are introduced, including social distancing guidelines, thorough cleaning of facilities, and temperature checks of patrons before they are allowed to enter.

Gov. Steve Sisolak tweeted Wednesday that Las Vegas would reopen “when the time is right.”
The State of Nevada so far recorded 4081 cases of COVID019 and 172 people died. There are 2068 active cases and 1,396 cases per million. 59 per million died. 14,210 per million were tested

The worst state is New York with 13,368 cases per million and 1,037 per million died. New York tested 34,151 per million.

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