Survey says NO to ITB Berlin

Survey says NO to ITB Berlin

eTurboNews asked readers early this morning about going to ITB 2020 in Berlin. 53% of the 321 responses received in the last 4 hours indicated a NO, and that they decided to cancel. 22% said it was too late to change plans for Berlin. 9% said they are planning to go, but may change their mind.

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14% are planning to go and feel comfortable attending ITB, the largest travel industry event in the world. A responder from the U.S. said: Completely understood that global events such as ITB, where representatives from all over the world will attend could be a media to spread global health treat, however, if the event is canceled will send a strong message which surely affecting tourism worldwide. So with that being said, I personally choose to be there and strictly follow the advised precautions against COVID-19.

Abraham Johnes from India said: IThe saddest day would be – should even one person attending ITB as a visitor or exhibitor get the virus will damage the reputation of the show. The world around is postponing a gathering of numbers. Germany is no exception. Wonder how their first launch event – ITB India will do when it takes place in Mumbai mid-April during the peak India outbound session. Good luck. 

My thoughts as a person in the Medical Field since starting at Johnson & Johnson in 1970 as a Research Associate @ Ortho Diagnostics Inc, is that the organization would be absolutely insane to needlessly expose thousands of people to the COVID-19 risk. No one really understands this new infection variant, and the S. Korean (611-infections) / Royal Princess (> 675-infections), as well as Italy’s issues, proves the extreme risk of concentrated gatherings possibly causing multiple infections!!! I cannot believe that ITB is even considering continuing this meeting for 04 MAR 2020!!!

How will ITB detect coronavirus in an early stage in somebody not yet showing symptoms.? The risks are too high. As exhibitors will use public transport as well, convene at eateries…. etc

The risk is just too high. Is it worth the risk? It should be postponed.
The first survey on ITB was conducted by eTurboNews on February 11:

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