Ganda International Gospel Festival: 20,000 attended in Zimbabwe

Ganda International Gospel Festival: 20,000 attended in Zimbabwe

Big Time Strategic group spokesperson Mthokozisi Dube said that the Gwanda Gospel Festival was back with a different line-up this year that included Timothy Ncandweni and Shongwe from Swaziland who the people of Gwanda love. “This is the first time that we had a foreign act that isn’t South African. He said, “The festival should be an alter where Zimbabweans can go once a year to seek God. The nation will also get direction from God’s word. Zimbabwe finds itself in a difficult time and it’ll only take the voice of God to direct it out of it.”

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The Gwanda International Gospel Festival is one of the largest in Southern Africa. Festival organizers want the festival to be an event where people from all walks of life to meet and worship. It has been estimated that at least 20,000 people mostly from South Africa and surrounding areas attended this event this year. Organizers are hoping to attract people from the Diaspora for next year. Get tickets and more information about 2020 Gwanda International Festival at

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