New hospitality and culinary trends in Indonesia

New hospitality and culinary trends in Indonesia

“Connecting distributors, end-users, and experts from the industries, we have formed a movement to tackle the main challenges being faced by Indonesia’s food and hospitality industry. With the 28 years experiences, this biennial expo is now leading to the ongoing evolution of hotel services providers and culinary appliances, in efforts to strengthen Indonesia’s economic position among the global market,” said Astied Julias, Event Director of Food & Hotel Indonesia.

The demand for comfort packaged food is expected to expand in Indonesia, according to the Association of Culinary Professional (ACP) Indonesia, one of the key associations of the exhibition. “We’re facing a challenge to maintain the product quality, particularly to keep it fresh and appetizing. To help optimize the culinary business, we need to integrate system with packaging to overcome costly manual processes,” said Stefu Santoso, Chairman of ACP Indonesia.

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ACP Indonesia added, to overcome the challenges, we need to emphasize on the latest industry trends, including blast chiller for quick food cooling, multifunction cookers such as combi oven, and emerging technologies to further out food safety goals. “With the new multifunction technology application, we can embed efficiency for culinary process, that will impact to the new business growth after,” added Stefu.

Indonesia’s tourism sector experienced the highest growth in economies of all G20 countries, moreover after the government announcement of reaching 20 million foreign visitors by 2020. A research by Marketline (2018) added, the Indonesian travel and tourism industry are forecasted to be valued at $88.5 billion in 2022 with a substantial increase of about 38.3% since 2017.

An exhibition’s key association, Jakarta Hotels Association (JHA), also added some hospitality trends to look out for in this year. “As the hospitality sector continues to remain robust and the addition of new properties, we will ensure keeping up with new breakthrough, such as customized facilities enhancing hotel operations, the use of technology and environmental-friendly accommodation for travelers. It is critical for hospitality companies to capitalize on these opportunities by adjusting with the latest trends to stay ahead and in step with our guest’s ever changing expectations,” said Richard Mau, Chairman of JHA.

Being held from July 24-27, 2019, the events will also converge key executives and associations to share knowledge about top technologies in food and hotel industries, including seminar sessions from prominent industry players.

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