Yichun:  Picturesque city reveals its rich tourism resources

Yichun: Picturesque city reveals its rich tourism resources

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The annual event Jiangxi Tourism Industry Development Conference opened in Yichun City, Jiangxi province of China on June 5. It is an important platform for tourism cooperation of Jiangxi Province. Yichun, one of the most picturesque cities in the province, was chosen as the host city this year due to its rich tourism resources.

Yichun’s Rich Tourism Resources

Located in the northwestern part of the province, Yichun City has ten counties and three special districts, which covers about 18,700 square kilometers. Its scenery is repeatedly praised in the poetry of Tang Dynasty, a great treasure of Chinese literature.

With a history of more than 2,200 years, Yichun boasted 4,503 historical and cultural sites. The ancient tomb of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty in Jing’an County was selected as China’s top 10 archaeological discoveries in 2017, and the Wucheng Cultural Site in Zhangshu County has broken the long-standing conclusion that “Yin-Shang culture 3,800 years ago didn’t exist in the area south of Yantze River”. In addition, the city also possesses a number of red tourism sites, including that of the Autumn Harvest Uprising.

Yichun city

Scenic spots in Yichun

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Moon culture, Zen culture, and traditional Chinese medicine culture have taken root in this scenic city, with distinctive features and rich connotations. Known as the “City of the Moon”, Yichun has held 12 consecutive Moon Culture Tourism Festivals. It also has two famous Zen Buddhist temples, Baofeng Temple and Baizhang Temple, and three Zen Buddhism branches, whose influence has spread to Japan, the ROK, the DPRK, Vietnam and other countries. As for traditional Chinese medicine, Zhangshu County has been regarded as the “Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine” since 1,800 years ago.

Yichun city

As one of the first Healthy Cities in China, Yichun has three national-level ecological counties, 28 national and provincial forest parks and nature reserves. The national 5A-level tourist scenic spot Mingyue Mountain in Yichun City has a negative oxygen ion content of more than 70,000 per cubic centimeter, which is 70 times the international standard.

The selenium-rich hot spring makes the city’s Wentang Township a famous place to spend vacation and retirement life. The temperature of the disease-preventing water remains at 68°C-72°C all the time. Other high-quality hot springs in Yichun City include Tangli hot spring in Tonggu County, Jiuling forest hot spring in Jing’an County, etc.

This article is provided by our syndication partner. Click here to read this article on eTurboNews

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